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Diesel VLCC begins STS transfers in Med

19th June 2018
The newly built VLCC tanker Maran Aphrodite discharged part of its diesel cargo via ship-to-ship (STS) transfer offshore Malta. Vortexa data shows that the Histria Crown moved off from the Maran Aphrodite on 19 June, although the tankers have yet to update their draught levels post-STS operation. Provisional shipping fixtures showed Total placing the Histria Crown on subjects to load around 30,000t of clean product via STS transfer from Malta during mid-June, for delivery to Naples. The ta...

Analysis: Weekly European intake of US gasoil rises

14th June 2018
Around 360,000t of US-loaded gasoil, mostly diesel, is estimated to have arrived in Europe in week 23, the highest volume since early November. Vortexa data show imports of US diesel into Europe, including the Mediterranean, have been rising as seasonal spring US Gulf coast refinery maintenance work comes to an end. Europe’s increased US gasoil intake on 4-10 June boosted its overall imports, which rose by around 10pc on a four-week rolling average basis. More than 200,000t of US gaso...

Indian jet fuel exports to ARA jump in May

5th June 2018
India’s jet fuel exports to ARA rose sharply in May compared with prior months, offsetting a drop that month in flows to other European customers, including France and Italy. Four long range (LR) tankers that loaded jet fuel­­ from India in May either arrived at ARA ports or are currently heading there, in what is a sharp rise in volume along this arbitrage route in comparison with previous months. Tanker arrivals have boosted jet fuel stocks in the ARA region, easing the impact of tig...
Argentina moves crude cargo to Europe
5th June 2018
A shipment of Argentinian crude is expected to arrive in Europe this week—the first in at least several years, according to observed flows. The Panamax-sized tanker New Conquest loaded most of its volume from Argent... Read more
Rotterdam-loaded fuel oil heads to Saudi Arabia
17th May 2018
Fuel oil loaded in Rotterdam is heading to Saudi Arabia, as an expected seasonal ramp up in demand sees the kingdom drawing in volumes from northwest Europe, supplementing more regular sources of supply from across the E... Read more
Chile diversifies clean oil product imports
17th May 2018
Chile has imported clean oil products this year from some more atypical suppliers, observed flows show, including from the European and Asia-Pacific regions. Spain exported clean oil products to Chile after not having... Read more
Pakistan resumes fuel oil imports
4th May 2018
Fuel oil cargoes are on their way to Pakistan, where imports are resuming after an absence of several months. At least two tankers are signalling their destinations as Port Qasim in Pakistan after having loaded in the... Read more
Chinese jet fuel cargo heads to Europe
2nd May 2018
A cargo of Chinese jet fuel is heading towards Europe after a hiatus of several months, as new bookings emerge to load jet fuel from elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific region in coming days for delivery to the region. The ... Read more
Asia-bound naphtha from Tuapse up in April
24th April 2018
Updates earlier version. Naphtha exports from the Russian Black Sea port of Tuapse to Asia-Pacific have firmed in April compared with last month, Vortexa data indicate, pointing to improved west-east arbitrage economi... Read more
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