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Heavier North Sea grades newly head East

16th March 2018
Two North Sea crude oil grades are making their first journey to eastern markets, highlighting the region’s appetite for incremental supply from more irregular sources to help offset reduced volumes from elsewhere. Vortexa data show that an Aframax of heavy UK North Sea Kraken is travelling through the Suez Canal, while a VLCC of medium Norwegian North Sea Grane crude is heading towards China—both said to be the first voyages of their kind....

US jet fuel cargo heads to ARA

16th March 2018
At least one US Gulf coast (PADD 3)-loaded jet fuel/kero cargo is heading to the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) region, against a background of tighter northwest European jet markets. The long-range (LR1) tanker Puma departed from Houston, Texas at the beginning of March and is currently due to arrive in Amsterdam around 24 March, Vortexa data shows....

US, Caribbean imports of transatlantic VGO dip

16th March 2018
Imports of vacuum gas oil (VGO) by the US and Caribbean region from across the Atlantic are set to drop sharply in March from the strong levels of the past three months, Vortexa data indicates. Imports sourced from the wider European region and Russia are expected to more than halve from the previous month to at least around 400,000-450,000t in March, preliminary estimates show, after a narrowing of the main arbitrage route....
Primorsk loads more LR2-sized diesel cargoes
12th March 2018
Two 100,000t diesel cargoes departed from the Russian Baltic Sea port of Primorsk in February, helping to lift diesel exports from there to new highs at the beginning of this year.... Read more
Angolan fuel oil flows steady as crude exports wane
9th March 2018
Opec-member Angola’s fuel oil exports were steady-to-higher in the past three months, compared with the prior period, Vortexa data shows, contrary to the recent decline in the country’s crude oil exports.... Read more
Large Iranian bitumen cargo moves to west Africa
7th March 2018
An Iranian bitumen cargo aboard a medium range (MR) vessel is on its way to west Africa, in what appears to be the first such voyage in several months, according to Vortexa data.... Read more
Libya’s Mellitah crude flows to fall, condensate stable
7th March 2018
Libya’s Mellitah blend crude exports are expected to drop in March in line with field disruptions and planned maintenance, after Vortexa data showed five crude cargoes being exported in February. Condensate loadings ho... Read more
Feature: Mideast Gulf gasoline flows to WAF rise
5th March 2018
The Mideast Gulf region increased gasoline exports to OPEC-member Nigeria in January-February, as the country pulled in volumes from a more diverse range of providers to fill its ongoing supply crunch of clean petroleum ... Read more
LR2 of Indian gasoline points to Europe
5th March 2018
A long-range (LR2) vessel carrying gasoline/blending components from India’s western Sikka port is heading towards the Suez Canal, for potential delivery in the European region.... Read more
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