Intelligent Energy Markets
Real-time Information & Analytics

Vortexa uses artificial intelligence to analyse and interpret data on a massive scale. It absorbs billions of data points from hundreds of sources to show past, present and future flows of oil and refined products worldwide.

Vortexa opens up the world of real-time crude oil and refined oil product flows – globally.

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Live View

Unparalleled transparency into nearly every seaborne oil movement.

Prediction of destination and arrival times, charterer and volume for almost all grades of crude and the majority of refined products cargos globally.

Historical Flows

Seaborne oil flows from any origin to any destination in the world over the last 3 years.

Early view of import and export figures of OPEC, US Gulf coast (PADD 3) crude imports, non-OPEC, trading regions and any individual country ahead of official publications.

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Floating Storage

Global and regional oil floating storage, oil-on-water and oil-in-transit figures with cargo-by-cargo tracking in real-time.

Short (7 days +) and long-term (30 days +) floating storage time series with exact duration, cargo and location details.

Powerful API

On-demand access to all of Vortexa's real-time and historical datasets on seaborne oil cargos, flows and floating storage.

Easily bring Vortexa's data into your systems to build your own view of the market.

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Crude and refined products flows - as they happen

Vortexa maps nearly all seaborne crude oil flows and the majority of refined products cargos globally, giving you the most comprehensive global view of the physical energy markets – before anyone else.