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Vortexa Snapshot: China's Gasoline Exports Post Weekly Spike

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Vortexa Snapshot: Venezuelan crude exports to Europe slump in July

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Vortexa opens up the global flows of crude oil and refined oil products

As a participant in the energy markets, you want to see what others cannot. This requires a truly comprehensive data set of waterborne movements.

Our advanced analytics platform is created by a global team of leading energy market experts, data scientists and engineers. Vortexa has assembled the most complete set of empirical data on cargoes available, and combined it with the most advanced data science methods to complete the picture. That means our solution addresses real needs with accuracy and it constantly evolves to help you identify risks and opportunities for your business.

Human expertise, AI scaled

Deep industry expertise combined with state-of-the-art technology to deliver market insights before anyone else.

We show you specific details of an oil cargo on-board a vessel and track it from its terminal of origin to its destination – for the whole world, in real-time.
Our clients can make better trading, investment and analytical decisions with a significant information edge.

See across the barrel

Vortexa's advanced cargo-tracking platform provides information at the grade level for global crude oil and refined products

Track the whole journey

Vortexa achieves an unparalleled level of transparency into oil market flows by showing the whole journey of a given cargo - and our dataset goes back several years.

Terminal-to-terminal trade flow information

Complex chains of ship-to-ship transfers captured

Cargoes in floating storage monitored

Quantify the future

Our real-time trade flows provide a reliable indication of future arrivals at a given place. We also aggregate and model data at scale to generate powerful predictions and actionable intelligence.

  • Future delivery dates of cargoes-on-the-water

  • Shipping fixture information

  • View into future freight availability

Customise your information edge

Access to information is no longer enough. Vortexa's platform gives you the ability to use your experience to create your own view of where the market is, giving you the edge you need.

Create customisable tabs, by product or analysis-type

Configure a wide set of alerts and notifications

Configure custom filters

Our sleek and easy-to-use interface is highly customisable, allowing users to draw out powerful individual insights

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