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Aug 7, 2019

Vortexa Snapshot: China's Gasoline Exports Post Weekly Spike

Chinese gasoline/blending components exports rose sharply in week 31 versus previous weeks.


Aug 2, 2019

Vortexa Snapshot: Venezuelan crude exports to Europe slump in July

Venezuelan crude exports to Europe fell to a multi-year low in July, after the firmer outflows in June.
Jul 25, 2019

Vortexa Snapshot: Libyan Crude Surges into Spain

Spain's intake of Libyan crude reached more than a 3-year high in Q2.
Jul 23, 2019

Vortexa Snapshot: ULCC Oceania completes latest STS load

The latest STS transfer of fuel onto the ULCC Oceania offshore is from Italy.
Jul 11, 2019

VLCC Loadings Lift Diesel In-Transit to New Highs

Volumes of diesel/gasoil on the water recently hit a multi-year high, buoyed by the flurry of newbuild VL...
Jul 9, 2019

Vortexa Snapshot: Diesel imports into the Philippines at 3-year high

The Philippines, Southeast Asia’s largest diesel importer, took in a 3-year high level in Q2 2019.
Jun 25, 2019

Vortexa Snapshot: Europe to PADD 1 Gasoline Flows Rise After PES Refinery Incident

Gasoline exports from Europe to PADD 1 spiked in week 25 after the PES refinery incident.
Jun 21, 2019

Vortexa Infographic: Singapore's Evolving Fuel Trade in 2019

A look at the key trade changes impacting Singapore fuel oil flows - powered by Vortexa data.
Jun 12, 2019

Vortexa Snapshot: Tanker Trajectories Change with Storm

Tanker journeys are observed changing in response to the cyclonic storm Vayu.
Jun 5, 2019

Vortexa Snapshot: Alaskan Crude Interest Rises

Vortexa data show that seaborne outflows of Alaskan crude have been incrementally rising over the last tw...

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