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Vortexa data show that gasoline exports from Europe to the US Atlantic Coast (PADD 1) spiked in week 25 after a fire at Philadelphia’s 335,000 b/d PES refinery, which damaged an alkylation unit. Another fire incident was also reported at the same site on 10 June.

In Brief:

  • Over 500,000 mt of gasoline/blending components left Europe for PADD 1 during the week ending 23 June, a 7-week high. The rate of imports had fallen in prior weeks compared with last month.
  • Around 320,000 mt departed Europe from 21 June, when reports of the PES refinery incident first emerged, to 24 June. 
  • A flurry of Europe to PADD 1 gasoline shipping fixtures are continuing to emerge this week, amid firmer freight rates seen along the route.
  • Meanwhile, a Brofjorden-loaded gasoline cargo and two Ust-Luga naphtha cargoes look set to take discharge options into PADD 1 rather than Europe, as per their shipping fixtures. 
  • Waterborne gasoline exports from Canada to PADD 1 also rose in week 25, to the highest level along the route since end-February.


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