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  • Provisional European gasoline arrivals into PADD 5 are on track for a multi-year high in May.
  • An estimated 250,000t is expected to discharge into PADD 5 by the end of the month, surpassing previous highs seen in March and April.

  • The unseasonably high gasoline flow can be traced back to a string of refinery outages on the US west coast, which has tightened regional supply.

  • Prior to March, transatlantic arrivals into PADD 5 had not surpassed 80,000t in a single month since 2016, according to Vortexa observed flows.

  • European suppliers into PADD 5 year-to-date are: Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Spain, Norway, Ireland and France.

  • European traders/refiners are able to blend components and meet the niche CARBOB gasoline specifications required in California State.


Jul 11, 2019

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Vortexa Snapshot: Diesel imports into the Philippines at 3-year high

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Vortexa Snapshot: Europe to PADD 1 Gasoline Flows Rise After PES Refinery Incident

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